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Construction Methods

Working with tin and copper, all items made are based on authentic designs, making adaptations where it may improve on form or functionality. All work is handcrafted using different gauges of tin and copper. The items are cut, formed and soldered by hand, using old world methods to produce authentic historical designs. Look for wire rolled edges for strength, hammered and set lock seams, not spot soldered, and look for handcrafted finials, not mass produced generic items giving items a cheap appearance.


All tin and copper is hand aged to produce a very old time worn patina. Tin items have an old dull pewter finish with rustic undertones that gives it a look and feel of an original. Copper will have an old copper penny look, with green oxidation " green patina" highlights, that will continue to oxidize and take on a very original finish. Because each item is hand aged, no finish will look identical, but will match in style and color tone. If you prefer, copper items can be painted a dull wrought iron black.


Most original colonial lighting was either candle or oil burners. Most of the lighting I make can be electrified. Premium UL listed lamp parts are used in our lights. All hanging lights come with 3 feet of cord, chain and a ceiling pan. If longer cord is needed, custom length is available. Wiring is hidden on most items when possible.

Custom Work

Many of the chandeliers, lanterns, sconces can be made in custom sizes. Please contact me concerning custom size or mounting methods. If you have an idea for a project involving tin or copper, contact me and we can discuss the options.

Truly Handcrafted

If you are looking for quality handcrafted, historical lighting, made with old world craftsmanship, consider Robin Hood tinware.

The Robin Hood Collection

The Robin Hood Collection is a collection of unique items found in my research, and my own whimsical creations based upon Early American folk art designs. Each item is handcrafted using the many artistic methods of the Art of the Tinsmith. Check back often to this site, for the many new and unique items added. If you are looking for something original and unique, you can find it in the Robin Hood collection.

A thought to remember

If your house is dark and gloomy, you need a fine lantern to light that roomy. And if you are troubled by spooks and haunts, you need a fine candle sconce! Lantern, sconce or candlestick, it your choice, you take your pick.

Robin Hood Tinware

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